*We are currently searching for the right family to place our second pick female with! This female is available to either a guardianship home or a co-own home*

Thank you for your interest in the guadrian and co-own programs. Here at Shakarri I do a LOT with my dogs! We train in several sports and spend many weekends away from home to compete in various venues. These programs offer a quality companion to families at a reduced or free fee and allow me to devote plenty of time to all the dogs in my program. The families chosen get to enjoy free training services from me and full health testing on their dog. 


What does the Co-Own entail?

Each co-own situation is going to be slightly different based on the person inquiring. The co-own option is best for the individual that wants to get into canine sports with their puppy. This owner plans to do a lot of training with their dogs and wants to be involved in titling their dogs, they may want to stop there or they may want to learn about health testing and breeding. I will act as mentor to this buyer, making myself available to answer questions and guide the owner on their journey into the world of dog sports.
This home may be further away from me than the Guardian homes.
Based on the desires of the owner the dog may return to me for breeding or may be bred at the owners home under my supervision.


What does the Guardian Home entail?

The guardian home is for those families that just want a companion. These puppies will spend the majority of their time with these families but must be made available for me to take to shows and health screening appointments. These families are screened thoroughly and must be comfortable maintaining a close friendship with me. Whenever these families need to board this dog (vacations, family emergencies, etc.) it is to come back to me for the boarding (no charge) and with females they are to come back to me when in heat. 
These families must live within a couple hours of me and must attend basic training courses with me. 
These families must be comfortable maintaining a close friendship with me
These families must be willing to keep the coat in good condition

If either of these programs are of interest to you please feel free to inquire, I give each inquiry equal and thorough consideration. These programs are designed to be beneficial to all parties involved!