Which food is the right food? Picking a food to feed your new companion can be down right OVERWHELMING! There's so many to choose from and everyone seems to suggest something different!

The truth is that no one food will be perfect for every dog but as a general rule:

  • Avoid dyes, added sugars, and heavy grain based foods.
  • Do not feed higher than 26% protein to growing puppies 

Here at Shakarri we believe in feeding a grain inclusive diet that derives the majority of it's protein from animal sources. We feed and suggest a variety of Victor formulas. I wean my puppies onto Victor High Energy for Active Dogs and will send each puppy home with a 6# bag of food. 

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy is a painful condition that occurs in rapidly growing puppies. Precise causes of this condition are not known but there is a strong connection between the condition and puppies that are on a high protein diet (as well as excessive vaccinations dring the window of heavy growth). For this reason we advise our puppy families to feed a kibble no higher than 26% protein and add a vitamin C supplement.

We do support the feeding of a properly balanced RAW diet.