From the moment they're born, our puppies recieve advanced care. We start them out with daily ENS (early neurological stimulation) which has been found to have:

  1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
  2. Stronger heart beats
  3. Stronger adrenal gland function
  4. More tolerance to stress
  5. Greater resistance to disease

I follow the puppy culture rearing program with my puppies. This program provides a nice, organized course map for rearing exercises and record keeping. In addition to ENS during the first 2 weeks we will go through exercises that equip the puppies with problem solving skills, confidence, and a foundation in potty training, crate training, leash walking, and socialization. We provide our puppy families with a training video produced by Puppy Culture as part of their puppy pack which will aid them in continuing this training.


Potty Training: My puppies are started in potty training as soon as they begin pottying on their own. The weaning pen is set up with real grass on one side and plenty of absorbent pads between the grass and the sleeping area. During the day these pads are removed whenever a puppy potties on them and fresh ones put down.  The cleaner the pen is kept the quicker puppies catch on to potty training concepts. As the puppies grow they slowly use the pads less and less, using the grass area more consistently. While they will still have the occasional accident in their new homes, if a solid potty schedule program is set in place from day one, you and your new puppy will enjoy great success.