Shakarri Irish Setters

Purchase Agreement


Buyer Responsibilities:


1. Buyer agrees to take the dog to a veterinarian for a health examination within 4 business days of the time of sale or receipt of animal. Failure to do so will relieve the Seller of all liability. If this animal is found to be ill (excluding internal parasites or umbilical hernia) during this examination, the Seller must be notified immediately and the animal may be returned to the Seller, at the Seller's expense, within 48 hours. The dog must be accompanied by a certified statement from a Veterinarian outlining the defect. A replacement puppy will be given if available, if not available, the sale price will be refunded if the condition of the animal has not changed (health, anatomical make-up, appearance and temperament).

2. Buyer agrees to provide adequate exercise and containment, to prevent the dog from running the streets without chaining or tethering the dog, and house the dog securely when not in direct supervision of buyers.

3. Buyer agrees to provide the care of a qualified veterinarian in the case of illness or injury, and to supply adequate and proper veterinarian care throughout the dog’s lifetime. Buyer agrees to notify Seller of the development of any disease/illness that could be genetically caused.

4. Buyer agrees to follow the nutritional or health advice, written or verbal, of their licensed veterinarian or breeder in raising this puppy/dog, and that said dog will be given adequate and proper shade, housing, and properly and sufficiently fed and watered, exercised and proper weight maintained.

5. Buyer understands the necessity of reproductive hormones in proper structural development and agrees to wait until the minimum age of 18 months to neuter/spay this pet. 

6. Buyer agrees to contact the Seller for advice and/or assistance if the buyer finds that the above conditions cannot be adequately met.

Buyer agrees to contact the Seller in writing if he/she is unable to keep this dog for ANY reason. He/she will not sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of this dog without the breeders written permission. The breeder will either accept the dog on a return basis or assist the buyer in finding a suitable alternative home for the dog. This does not imply a financial commitment on the part of the breeder. The buyer agrees that this dog will never be turned over to a pound/shelter/humane society/pet store as a means of disposal nor may it be donated to any company, cause or person. Buyer understands they are held responsible for expenses of returned dog, until a suitable home may be found, unless other arrangements have been made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

7. Buyer understands that the dog is being sold on a non-breeding agreement.  This dog is not intended for breeding purposes and the dog is not to be bred in any manner. Buyer agrees not to breed dog. By placing the dog on a non-breeding agreement, the seller is demonstrating concern for the integrity and future of their bloodlines and reputation of the seller's kennel name, the health of the dog, a commitment to preserving excellence within the breed by controlling which of their puppies may be bred, and in an effort to help control the pet population and discourage indiscriminate breeding practices. Buyer shall not seek breeding registration with any other dog registry without Sellers written consent. Buyer must use the prefix ‘Shakarri (`s)’ on any and all registration.

8. Buyer hereby certifies that this purchase is not made by Buyer as an agent for any other person or entity and further agrees that neither the dog nor its offspring shall be sold to any agent, pet store, commercial breeder, or animal research facility. Buyer agrees to pay any attorney fees, court costs, traveling and care expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred by the seller in repossessing this dog due to breach of contract and indemnify breeder for any legal action arising from the actions of said dog.



1. To warrant that said dog will be unaffected by testable genetic diseases known to this breed.

2. To warrant that said dog will be functionally sound in hips and elbows. This warranty is in effect for 30 months from the date of the dog's birth. All claims must be made before the dog reaches the age of 30 months. This warranty only covers the genetic components of dysplasia, failure to provide adequate nutrition during growth, early removal of beneficial growth hormones, or physical injury to these joints will void this warranty.

3. To warrant that said dog will be generally healthy for a period of 4 days from the time the possession of the dog is transferred to the Buyer. Note that 4 days is the minimum incubation period for most common communicable diseases.

4. Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived disqualifying faults, diseases or disorders. The warranties concerning health, life, and condition are limited as expressed. The seller is not responsible for any payments of veterinarian's fees for exam's, drugs, x-rays, laboratory testing or any other treatment unless agreed to by the breeder in writing, prior to the performance of such service.

To make a claim under this provision, buyer must have a certified statement from their veterinarian indicating the date of their diagnosis, the nature of the defect, their statement that the defect is hereditary in nature, if the animal has been spayed/neutered and the reasons why the defect prevents the puppy from serving as a companion pet.

Seller retains the right to obtain a second opinion at the veterinarian of her choice. The Seller does not assume any liability for any injury to said puppy after delivery. Seller will not be responsible for any debts or expenses incurred by the owner for any reason.

If the Seller is satisfied that the above described dog is unsuitable for the purpose sold because of conditions outlined in the warranty section of this agreement, the Seller will, at their discretion, refund a flat rate of the purchase price of said dog or seller retains the option of providing a replacement puppy when available. If the dog is to be returned to the Seller, it shall be at the expense of the Buyer and all registration papers must be included and signed off.